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Report - Dalton Mills, Keighley - February 2013

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A bit of history...

Dalton Mills was once the largest textile mill in the region, employing over 2000 workers. It was built by Joseph Craven in 1869, replacing the original mill which was owned by Rachel Leach in the 1780's.
The mill was named Dalton Mills after the manager employed by Rachel Leach, a man called Dalton.
In its heyday between 1869 and 1877 the mill provided jobs for workers all over Keighley and the Worth Valley.
As the textile industry declined, the fortunes of Dalton Mills changed and up until 2004, it had been virtually empty for almost a decade. John Craven, the great-great grandson of Joseph, who had built the mill, eventually chose to sell Dalton Mills to Magna Holdings, to ensure it’s survival.
Part of the renovation of the Clock Tower has included restarting the landmark clock which has not ticked for 25 years. In the mill's heyday, thousands of workers relied on the clock to get to work on time, but the hands had not moved for a quarter of a century. Last year Magna Holdings repaired the clock, and illuminated the faces, so it can display the time to the whole of Dalton Lane again.
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We've been here before about 3 years ago, and it's really gone downhill since. There was people working on the ground floor so we steered clear of that, one side has been taken out by a fire, the top floor barely has a roof, and we didn't want to mess with the caravan dwellers around the back. Access was a mild challenge although if the garage is closed it wouldn't be a problem.

Some pictures of the lower floors of the front building...





A close up from about a metre away using a Tokina 116, then cropped out, hope it works...


Moving up the building a bit, we were surprised to see a fairly intact chunk of line shaft, ladder required...




On the top floor...



and a couple of views of the goods lift from the top...



And for a bonus, the strange coffin prop thing from the basement...


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