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Question - Damian Lang. RiP


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(Sorry, was trying to add it as news).


Damian recently died in tragic circumstances in the St Kilda canal on his way to St Kilda drain where he slipped & knocked himself unconscious landing face down in the water.

His partner @tattoosandmemories55 (on instagram) has bravely suggested that Damien's passing be used as a warning to those of us that explore alone. "He was a smart guy and all it took was a split second and it was over". Be careful out there.

"The tears come most when I think about the fact
That you were alone in death.
But then I smile too because I know you died
Doing something you loved.

I used to hate that cliché and the way it was spoken
But it's so damn accurate now.
You were a man who lived for adventure
And you died for it too."



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That is awful, poor man and his family and friends. It's a dangerous hobby and many of us know the risks and are very sensible, but as you say, things happen, in a split second that you wouldn't normally think as a risk. Always safe to buddy up in this game.

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That is shit.news to hear :(

RIP fella and best wishes to the family