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Report - Danbury Palace - August 2014


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Before I start my report I just want to apologise for the poor pictures I used a film camera and 5mp camera phone, this was also one of my first explores.

Some History
Danbury Palace was built in the late 16th century but this original building “disappeared” and a new building was built in 1832 with red brick for Mr John Round, this building was originally known as Danbury Park, until later when it later became the residence of the Bishop of Rochester and was from then on known as Danbury Palace. It’s situated in the former medieval deer park, Danbury Park.

It has since been used as an emergency wartime maternity hospital and in 1945 the Queen presented a layette to the 2000th baby born there. The Palace was soon after sold and the property was bought by the Essex County Council and used as a Civil Defence training centre.

Not soon later in 1969 it was used by Mid Essex Technical College and the Anglian Regional Management Centre was formed about 3 years later with a conference centre being opened for business and social events, with a few weddings taking place there too.

In the 2000’s it was taken over and used by the Anglia Polytecnic University but was found too expensive to run and maintain so was later sold to Wilson Properties Ltd for conversion to housing.

While it was still in one piece it stretched over 8.5 acres and was very elaborate with many garden ornaments and a tennis court.

Since it was sold in roughly 2006 it has been through numerous red tape, due to it being a grade II listed building, to finally have permission granted sometime in the 2010’s. It has since been converted into luxury houses and apartments which were opened last year (2015).

In the years of waiting for approval the building started to fall apart and decay, when I heard that work was starting I wanted to get one last look at the place so went to explore.

For more info on its state now - http://www.essexchronicle.co.uk/Work-way-restore-history-Danbury-Palace-glory-45/story-26457640-detail/story.html

Before I tried entering the building I scouted the outside and took as many photos as I could in case I couldn’t make it inside, luckily one of the workers had left a door open.

I was shocked by the inside, I hadn’t been inside since the days of it being owned by the Anglia Polytecnic Uni, almost all the interior had been torn away as well as the floors. I unfortunately couldn’t go down in to the basement as I had no flash light so I just carried on through the building. A few areas of the building unfortunately had collapsing roofs so I chose to avoid those.

The last few photos I managed were of the ground floor landing and I was about to make my way upstairs before I think I set off an alarm, after that I got out of there quite fast and was unable to explore the upper levels of the palace.


















Special Brew

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28DL Full Member
Really been stripped out by this point, was a nice little place about a year prior. Had the newer wing been demolished by this point?


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
It was such a nice place, but no I don't think it had although there was a note on the door about a roof missing.

Special Brew

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28DL Full Member
I take it the roof was still on the Palace at this point though? There’s a nice view from up there too.


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28DL Full Member
Yes the roof was on the Palace still, I really wish I had gone up to it, if only I hadn't set of that alarm.

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