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It wasn't listed by any chance? :(

I see this development will now be a lot easier too, why renovate when you can just build new!

"Earlier this year plans were revealed for the part-demolition, restoration and conversion of the former stately home and the construction of nine extra houses.".


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Would be nice for someone to get prosecuted for this sort of sh1t as it regularly happens, but I suspect it would be hard to pin on someone, easiest way would be with CCTV, which most of these sites won't have due to them being derelict.


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It was SO wet inside I'm amazed they got a fire going in there!

Shame, it was modernized inside quite horrifically but was quite a nice place. The grounds were very beautiful but won't be the same without the house. I can't see that being repaired now, looks like one hell of a fire!


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28DL Full Member
All that spare unused Cheshire land? Slightly suspect if you asked me! It is a shame, I found it very easy to access a couple of years ago and it was stunning inside! I wonder if the zombie paintball will still go on!

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