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Report - Daresbury Hall - June 2015


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The Visit
We had visited here before and decided not to even attempt it due to the very large German Shephard walking around the grounds.. Few months passed and we thought we'd try again.. Personally wasnt too interested in the main building due to reports of destroyed floors and not much to see. Managed to explore some interesting buildings at the rear until secca arrived and I can confirm there are extremely large dogs still on this site :(

The History
Daresbury hall was erected in the mid 1700’s by the Greenhall family in the Georgian style. The building itself has served most of its life as a Stately home and was last occupied by the Hill family.
The estate was converted to a military hospital during the Second World War and saw the construction of an additonal ward, the “Lewis Carroll Unit”. Following this the manor was sold back to the Greenhall family in the early 1950’s, but was not occupied until it was resold to the National Spastic Society (now known as Scope) in 1957 for £5000. The estate functioned as home and school for 52 patients and 75 members of staff., with the first patients suffering from physical handicaps. Additional outbuildings were erected near to the manor entrance to provide accommodation for the on-site carers. From an article from the BBC the approximate annual price per patient in 1986 was £12,500, which must have contributed to the closure of the facility.
Following the closure the building lay empty for many years until it was sold to a millionaire bachelor who returned the building to its former use as a stately home. However upon the owners death the building was left to deteriorate and is now unusable.
The building was most recently used by Zed Events to provide a “zombie survival experience” and the outbuildings are heavily graffitied with comments regarding the “apocalypse”.











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I went just after the police had raided it.. The hall is really weired inside.o_O


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Just going through the history, if the owner of the land had died then what security said about 'knowing the owner who said they can use it to train their dogs' couldn't have been true, unless its been passed to a family member or someone who looks after the estate now?

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