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Report - Daresbury Hall September 2015


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
well it was a nice day and me and my 2 friends decided to go see this place. we got in quite easily but parked well away from the main building as my friends had trouble here only 2 weeks before ....

we got inside every building and spent enough time there for my friends fully charged camera to clunk out on us.

it was amazing, iv done a few abandoned places now but i never imagined id find what i found inside here!..
clothing , furniture, food in the fridges - i say fridges as i saw atleast 4 and all had bits and bats left in them - years old food like!...
some of the clothing inside there still had tags on, one had a tag of £35.00 or something like that ? i dont get why theres so many things left... sofas in every room.. im sure i came across 3-4 front rooms, kitten out albeit a mess n damaged n damp.

there was huge gold chadeliers left and tons of paperwork, even half used bottle of shampoo still left on the bathroom side, with msiturisers that u can tell havent been moved for years, theres mens & womens shoes and clothes everywhere and a book case full of old video casettes, but it just looked like they had packed up and left.

iv read lots of information on here and googled abit but it dosent say who last lived here.

id love more info if anyone has one.


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