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Report - Daresbury Hall, Warrington - May 2015 (Pic Heavy)


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May 2015 (Post Drug Raid)

So there was me bored at home watching shit tv, and then it hit me. Daresbury Hall was raided by Cheshire Police last Monday (29th April) who seized £750,000 worth of cannabis. And I was just sat at home...... :p So when I arrived I could see from the road that all the windows on little bungalow at the front of the hall had been boarded up. When I visited just under 2 weeks ago there was no boards on the bungalow and it was where secca and his dog were stationed. On that visit I got a tour round with secca who was very serious when he said I can't go inside any of the buildings (I wonder why. :wanker) Anyway I was there for about 20 minutes and left after shaking his hand. Then a few days later a link is posted on Facebook and it is that a huge cannabis farm has been discovered on the property. As you can imagine I thought 'shit' was the place being watched when I went in, was my numberplate taken or would I be getting a knock on the door any moment. ;) Anyway nothing ever came of it so I went back to see what has changed. I think the simple answer is a lot has changed the main building is now on lockdown, you would not believe the lengths I had to go to to get in, haha. Anyway I spent a good hour in the building. But all the windows on the bungalow and main hall had been freshly boarded and no evidence of any secca was around.

BBC News: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-32496933

[1] - Secca post 2 weeks ago. (Left)

[2] - Secca post today (Sunday)

















Cheers for looking. :thumb
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Wow, I would never have put the two together. He couldn't have been very good if someone found his weed plantation, but then again that's good news for us :cool:
Haha, I was taking the piss mate. But yea he didn't seem that bright, it was him and two others from the equestrian centre down the road, taking it in turns to play security.


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Haha, I was taking the piss mate. But yea he didn't seem that bright, it was him and two others from the equestrian centre down the road, taking it in turns to play security.
Ah, you got my hopes up there. Thinking about it you probably could get a job as secca and grow weed, sort of breaking bad style.


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Weed normally takes quite a bit of power to run, often obtained by illegally tapping into the original power, or even tapping into the street light circuits. It also makes the building the grow is in rather warm.

Now, power companies and councils are likely going to get very interested indeed if a street lamp circuit suddenly starts pulling a few kilowatts in broad daylight, or if a derelict property that should only be pulling a couple of hundred watts most of the time starts pulling in the tens of kilowatts range, especially if the power company cannot work out who is paying for this juice. Similarly as the police helicopters are likely to have standing orders to keep their thermal camera running at all times, even when not on an actual job, any derelict property that ought to be at ambient temperature but which is actually at "warm, tropical sauna" temperature is going to get a visit.

The only time I ever did hear of anyone getting away with a drug farm for any length of time was a farmer who owned a dairy farm, and who had buried several shipping containers under a couple of metres of rubble as a place to grow drugs. That set-up didn't radiate heat (and what was there was masked by the cows on top of it) and the milking parlour electrical needs masked the growlight power use. The police nobbled him because he was just too good a supplier; they worked their way up the supply chain leaning on drug dealers until they got the farmer.

That's the way it'll stay, until someone breeds cold-hardy skunk...

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