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Report - Darling Church, Morrison County, Minnesota (Sept 2015)


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Monday 21st September 2015, a quick early morning visit to Darling church and cemetery in Morrison County, just above Little Falls, Minnesota. This site is pretty well all that is left of the small community of Darling.

This is the entrance to Darling Cemetery:


A memorial to the charter members of the Darling Immanuel Lutheran Church, organised April 3rd 1893, closed May 2nd 1967:


The Darling Immanuel Lutheran in early morning sunlight and shadow:


Another view of the church, maybe not the most attractive of buildings and is covered with pressed metal sheets. The method of entry is pretty obvious:


I have to say I was nervous about entering the church because it is locally notorious for a haunting by the ghost of Annie Kintop who was murdered in the church on April 15th, 1905. Her killer was never found.


Annie Kintop's ghost is said to roam the cemetery and the church and screams are often heard in the area. The church was in total darkness so I had to take flash photos and slowly move around based on those.


It was sort of weird seeing the 'shadows' of the pews which have been long removed.


The interior of the church is in relatively good condition given how long it has been disused:


Most items have been removed but it is still clearly recognisable as a former place of worship:


Thanks to its reputation Darling church attracts many visitors, some of whom stay overnight. There were ashes on the wooden floor where small fires had been lit (in a wooden church!) :


The smaller side room, the holes in the wall are where copper wire has been ripped out by thieves:


A view back to the entrance. Of course nothing happened while we were there however I was glad to get back in the light outside!



I'm not lost until I give up finding my way...
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Ahhh, it's a shame when thieves find their way about the place and ruin it for the sake of some copper.

Nice report mate, would love to get out the UK and splore.