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Report - Darsbury Hall, Cheshire (May 2016) (maybe a bit pic heavy, sorry)

The Cannibal

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Ok, so I am just going to pinch the majority of the history from previous reports on the site, but add some stuff in. I took a walk down there a couple of days ago because it was sunny and I've just been laid off so had nothing better to do (and I crashed my moped the week before, so wasn't driving.) For the sake of avoiding discussion of what part of the county its in I'm just putting Cheshire (though Warrington is currently part of Cheshire at the moment.)

I asked around about the hall and found some bits that aren't in other reports, I'll add these to the end.

WARNING: The site is now used by local police forces to train their dogs, as I was told by a rather disgruntled Police Dog Handler as he kicked me off the site.

History -

Daresbury hall was erected in the mid 1700’s by the Greenhall family in the Georgian style. The building itself has served most of its life as a Stately home and was last occupied by the Hill family.
The estate was converted to a military hospital during the Second World War and saw the construction of an additonal ward, the “Lewis Carroll Unit”. Following this the manor was sold back to the Greenhall family in the early 1950’s, but was not occupied until it was resold to the National Spastic Society (now known as Scope) in 1957 for £5000. The estate functioned as home and school for 52 patients and 75 members of staff., with the first patients suffering from physical handicaps. Additional outbuildings were erected near to the manor entrance to provide accommodation for the on-site carers. From an article from the BBC the approximate annual price per patient in 1986 was £12,500, which must have contributed to the closure of the facility.
Following the closure the building lay empty for many years until it was sold to a millionaire bachelor who returned the building to its former use as a stately home. However upon the owners death the building was left to deteriorate and is now unusable.
The building was most recently used by Zed Events to provide a “zombie survival experience” and the outbuildings are heavily graffitied with comments regarding the “apocalypse”.

bits I found out by asking about the village, the second family to own the hall was that of one of the village vicars, who was the man to baptise Charles Dodgeson (A.K.A. Lewis Carol). The site is now owned by a guy from Manchester, who's name I forget, I was told that he's not interested in doing permission visits, as someone had asked recently about doing music videos there for a band, I'd told the woman I was scouting locations for a post apocalypse themes short video me and a friend are looking at shooting, which is half true. The site was rented out last year to someone and during a raid the police found it being used to grow 600 cannabis plants, about £750,000 worth. more recently than that there have been dossers in one of the out buildings, who were evicted when the police started using the place, and people stripping lead from the roofs as well as a group of local teens who use the back most buildings as a shooting range for air rifles, they were there the day I went and I think the dog handler was just glad to see I was shooting photos and not pellets when he came round the corner.

I'd been advised by one of the locals that the police turn up randomly to use the area and thankfully she informed the guy I was on there when they arrived, though it was only sniffer dogs and an Alsatian puppy with him, but the fact they could turn up any minutes caused the decision not to go into the building, just in case, so all images are shot through windows and doorways.

View from the road:


Quick stroll through the woods



some old garages



and onto the buildings



this amused me given its current use







My younger brother got nerfed for this when I got home...

Floor plans, should have gone in for a better shot.



One of the last pictures I took before getting kicked off site

I'll add a link to the rest of the pictures, again, sorry if its a bit picture heavy.

The Kwan

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Cheers for the report Cannibal, shame about all the naff Graff, hopefully if you go again you will be luckier and see the place without the police rolling up. Your photo album is set to private BTW.

The Cannibal

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28DL Full Member
Cheers for the report Cannibal, shame about all the naff Graff, hopefully if you go again you will be luckier and see the place without the police rolling up. Your photo album is set to private BTW.
I think most of the graffiti was just left over from the zed events, but the stuff in the pool was definitely scallys. as for the album, I knew I'd forgot to do something... will fix that...

Chris Benoit

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Nice report!

I was here at the start of the year and can confirm by your photos that a bunch of little assholes must've been through since; the spray in the pool is new and stuff like the TV is the garage didn't used to be knocked about everywhere :confused:

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