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Lead or Rumour info - Dartford Town Centre - Lowfield Street

Optimus Prime

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Those of you local to the area no doubt know the massive battle between Tesco and the council is now drawing to a close. Net result is the plans have been approved and going ahead, with the demolition of the Lowfield Street shops and businesses imminent. Went at the weekend and they were all surrounded by hoardings bearing the Erith Demolition signs, which have now been over covered with advertising for the development.

Shouldn't think it's too long before this area is just a heap of rubble, including the shops, Ripleys Market and the swimming pool. Not sure if the swimming pool is being demo'd and rebuilt or just refurbed, but tis closing soon.

Old Git

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28DL Full Member
Pool is being refurbed. Demo wont be till the summer. If you are local you must have been in nearly everywhere many times by now over the last ten years, like myself. Most of them are well past their exploring sell by date now, unless your not fussy, like myself!


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28DL Member
Me and my friends love to go into the abandoned nightclub on lowfield street known as DA1 and it is right next to ripleys but the word around the area is that they can't knock down the nightclub as it's an important part of our history