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Report - Dawdon Burn Culvert, Seaham, Durham - June '16


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On our way back from a weekend visiting @AuntieKnickers & @The Stig we decided to follow a few leads along the way. After a run of fails, we had this one on the last of the list. We were glad to find a stone mummy section inside, at least that served as a slight consolation for our journey of fails.
But at least I got to test out my new 10-20mm, loved it :thumb





















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there's alot in Seaham & Sunderland,
a bit of paradise in a otherwise depressing part of the north east.

Thanks for sharing :thumb

The Stig

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there's alot in Seaham & Sunderland,
a bit of paradise in a otherwise depressing part of the north east.

Thanks for sharing :thumb
I would of thought you would of done a report on this since your always saying your the king of drains for the north east.

Good stuff there Mr punk as always.


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Looks like a wreath has been laid on the safety fence, in the top right of the last pic? Are those some warning signs either side of it?


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The cards where male child themed and the lack of a grill on the culvert suggests to me that some lad was playing around above and fell in. And If they where playing in the drain I would think they would have been at the other end. So that was my conclusion too.


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Thanks for the replies, thought my eyes were failing me, but it seems you have noticed it also.

Grim way to go, if a fall or drowning was involved, as the OP in the post above yours recalled the fence/grille was not there previously, something would have to have happened since his last visit, to warrant the Environment Agency, or local water board, putting up the fence/grille....a possible fall? Might be mentioned in online version of local rag?



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I'm very familiar with this drain,it goes from the dene,then splits of into two,one of which goes to bessys hole ( the sea) and the other into .. Sorry forget name but into the beck in denehouse road woods area ( Seaham born and bred) looking to join a group somewhere near me,currently located in sunderland, but lived in Seaham for 22 first years of my life so know it well.....well except all the new industry/estates etc in the last 10 year maybe?


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source at Murton, ( infall unknown)
passes through a long pipe emerging at Cold Hesleden by A19
then continues to seaham outfall on beach by B1287
passing through 6 culverts along the way.
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