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Report - Dawson's Fabric Mill - August 2018


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Unfortunately, I do not know the exact history of this exploration, however, it was an active fabric mill until 2003! After Dawson's went into liquidation. When we got home we found out that the business has been up for sale since then.

Our Version Of Events:
So our trip started on an early Sunday morning, we arrived at the location where it was clear to see it was in a quiet and untouched area. Newish looking CCTV cameras were places all around the buildings, we didn't know whether the signs on the walls regarding 24/7 were from years ago or recent.

We decided to take the risk anyway, luckily we found an entrance on the outer perimeter where. As soon as we got in it was clear straight away that this place hardly ever gets urbexed and everything was still in pristine condition. So we managed to look through the whole building with no issues what so ever, we then moved down the stairs onto the factory floor and this is where shit changed instantly, walking around with no care in the world taking in all the untouched amazing equipment.

Before we knew it loud site alarms were going off everywhere, that was our queue to turn into Usain Bolt and get out of that place as soon as we could. Sadly we didn't get to see all the factory but it was a good experience anyway, Here are some photos of the place.

Abandoned Fabric Mill-0601.jpg

Abandoned Fabric Mill-0602.jpg

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