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Report - - Day 4 - Bunkers, Marin, California - (7/1/08) | European and International Sites |

Report - Day 4 - Bunkers, Marin, California - (7/1/08)

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Final instalment from California. I got a ride with some friends across the Golden Gate Bridge to my the best set of bunkers I know of. Not only because of the views but also because there are tunnels that cut throught the hills here. Really sweet:D

I should mention again that the bunkers were set up to repel possible Japanese attacks on the Golden gate and were situated in the hills around the bay so that no one could see them from the sea. Getting up there is not that hard. Especially after hanging out with friends of mine that used to come up with me when we were younger.

There are several implacements here for massive guns which you will see from the pictures (I focused on one) and then the tunnels are really cool.


Heading through the hill to the bunker. It is also possible to hike around through the forest and undergrowth but this is the direct route.


And another one to get through. You can see the light from the setting sun coming through which is spectacular there.


Gun implacement which is huge. Sadly people also use it to through there rubbish in if they hike up this far.


Looking back from the outside to the implacement and the tunnel.


Another view with the top of the hill in view.




Looking down from above


Setting sun


View of the city on the way back down.

This day out was awesome. It is not often that you get this kind of views with some sweet exploring as well. In the end the only sad part is the the more I looked the more I realised that I missed. The good thing in that is when I go back some time I know that there is tons of stuff I missed. There is an island called Angel Island near Alcatraz that had an old base and Nike missle site on it. I think I want to head there next.

Hope y'all liked it.

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