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Report - DBM Machinery Installations LTD & Birmingham Plastic Recycling - West Midlands , Smethwick- May 2017


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DBM Machinery Installations was a company that specialised in de-commissioning of machinery and plants, removals, repairs and maintenance as well as storage. They have been been operating for 400 years (according to the archived version of their website). The company moved from their previous location in Unit 8, rotton Park Street, Ladywood, Birmingham, B16 0AB to a new location as of Monday 22nd November 2004. Their new address was 40-41 Bridge Street North, Smethwick, Warley, West Midlands. the new warehouse was 45,000 square feet with 20 tonne lifting capacity ( the lift is still there but its in the middle of the hall and no longer operates, unfortunately I didn't take a picture of it). The company seems to have closed some time in 2005-2006.

On my visit I entered through a hole in the fence that is located by the nearby canal. The warehouse and connected office buildings have been picked clean and only a bunch of rubbish remains. The office section has also been set on fire before but I do not know when exactly. There is also another factory building located inside the compound, it was owned by Birmingham Plastic Recycling but I haven't been able to find out any significant information about them. There are many small rooms and offices on the site that you can explore but most of them are empty. Some areas can be quite dark even during the day so I recommend bringing a flashlight. There is also dust flying around so bringing a respirator wouldn't be a bad idea, there is also a way to get on top of the roof by exiting through one of the office windows. Visited this place a few times already and there is never any security on site. I took a few pictures with my phone because I don't have money to buy a good camera (sorry about that).

Link to the full Imgur gallery : http://imgur.com/a/MJtit

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