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Hello, if I were you, I'd take a couple of steps back and have a look around at the type of stuff that's regularly posted on this forum before jumping in with both feet into the "YouTube content / teaser / like and subscribe" stuff, which as has been noted above, doesn't really wash here.

Have you done a search in the search box for the MOD base? you might find that there are already pictures and reports posted here as it looks like it been trashed quite heavily. In any case, I'll look forward to seeing yours.

Hi, yeah i did look in that section and tried a few key words and nope as far as I can tell this site isnt there.. There are several buildings there...this was just the first we came to.. Ill try n step up the quality.. ...why is youtube frowned upon so heavilly..?.


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I mean it was a youtube vid that reccomended this site....


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The whole YouTube thing doesn’t really go down great as it’s known for its reputation for ruining the community. Equally the shameless plug of your YouTube and Facebook doesn’t look great. I’d advise getting some bits uploaded as prior suggested in a proper format.
I only added that video to address the 'trust' inquirey.. and also to give you all a fuller intro as prior requested. How does it ruin the comunity..?....


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I only added that video to address the 'trust' inquirey.. and also to give you all a fuller intro as prior requested. How does it ruin the comunity..?....
Where do I start? For a fact of ‘trust’ within the community, it takes much for than a quick YouTube video.

YouTube and the ‘content creators’ if you can call them that constantly burn sites. What I mean by this is they put in no effort at all to find and research their locations, instead using what other people spend sometimes a long time researching and working on. When they film, they show blatant access which is then used by what we commonly call ‘a tour bus’ either leaving locations wrecked, burnt to the ground or seriously locked up. For example, recently I’ve seen a few members asking if anyone was aware of an access to a site in Manchester. One well known group on YouTube burnt this access many years ago when they got stuck inside and had to call the emergency services to get them out.

All in all, I’m not tarring you with the same brush, but as a community and site, we want to protect what is left. I’m sure some other members will chip in on this, but, that should answer your questions.


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Ive gotta ask...whats wrong with youtube..?..
Welcome to 28 :thumb

Nothing at all wrong with YouTube content if produced properly, however with regards to the video exploring scene much of what gets posted is abysmal! and that's being polite

As a top line summary, most videos feature poor content created by g00ns, which only inspire g00ns

Quality is often poor and filmed on inferior devices, I mean many phones are capable of 4k these days, yet most of what is 'out there' is low res hand held running crap, which frankly doesn't look too great on my 80 odd inch TV :rolleyes:

Poor narration, history which even Matty Holmes couldn't curl out on a bad day, the list goes on really, we won't even start with red arrows, dummies and nuns, aimlessly wandering about semi-live sites getting busted and the whole ghostie bollocks that seems to be the main feature of much of the this cringe fest!

We have a video section on here I have invited you to, as we keep it away from the main forum as most of our users aren't interested in videos.
I'm sure someone else will be along shortly with a less PC version :popcorn


As I say... we are literally just starting out and will be adding more content asap... Can I ask...if you dnt approve of youtube.. How do I go about posting vids here ?.. am happy to take your advice also what is the propper format.? and how do I do that..? Many Thanks
Invite sent for video group


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Too many wankers have spoilt it for those that mean good.
Most surely start off with good intentions and most YouTubers first videos often try to respect the community by hiding entry points and not naming places but after the first couple they start forcing it, making more ludicrous claims and lies. It soon turns into doing anything just to get content up in order to keep the followers interested and as such money coming in. Zero regard for what happens to the place afterwards. They soon realise showing precarious ways in and out or getting chased by security gets more views and as such more money so they try to get those things to happen. Getting the police, coast guards, firebrigade, bomb disposal etc out gives them more money so why not make that happen by pretending to be stranded on a 400ft stretch of water for example.

People like Dan Dixon and Mathew Williams breaking into places just to make a video, stealing artifacts for themselves or to plant on other explores to make them interesting is just the surface of it.

Often getting locations from people through dishonest means, they go in mob handed and spoil it for anyone else, that wanker Dan Dixon for example loves to break in and go round a place then gets in touch with security or the police or owners and gets them to seal it up again by saying he's seen kids breaking in. He has the police on speed dial and if you're somewhere he wants to go he will report you for breaking in. He calls himself exploring with fighters where in reality he had 2 fights he did absimal at and is the first to run away at any trouble, scared of his own shadow. His mate he started up with couldn't stand his bollocks which is why he left and that burguling with bucky started going out with him.

It fast turns into exploring for money and sod anyone else wanting to go in after. The annoying thing being they aren't the first in, they get locations from here and other places then pretend they've found them and first in, their viewers don't seem to realise the graffiti on the walls means they aren't first in.

Lies on what places were or are, even lies where they are. Tour busses of 10 people or more smashing their way into places with no respect for their surroundings or the owners, often 'exploring' places that are not abandoned, smashing the buildings up and pretending ghosts are there by running round with detuned radios. Where any credible explorer leaves when asked they like to stay and run around taking the piss out of the owners or being chased by security.

When confronted they tend to give the owner, security guards, police etc a load of grief until they are let off or can escape. People like Mathew Williams preach how they are respectful and understand if told to leave and not come back they are commiting an offence if they do and yet they video themselves telling people challenging them they are fat and should fuck off or bragging about how they sneek back in the dark after being told not to come back. That Mathew Williams loves to play the victim and often makes videos slating others, this security guard is this that and the other just for doing his job etc, he even fell out with someone he kept calling legendry in his videos and went out if his way to start a hate campaign against them rubbishing the guys name.

Whether its derelict, abandoned, owned, being refurbished, lived in or anything else serious explorers would walk away from doesn't matter to them as long as they get content.

If we look at that fat wanker Dan Dixon for a minute, he's stolen a dog from abroad and illegally imported it, he stole human remains from one place and stuck them in a wall of another and reported he had found remains to the police to make views, he got friends to chase him in a car to pretend it's 'men in black' chasing him because he's so special, he's broken into places then reported kids for doing it afterwards to get them sealed up again, in the early days he's stolen jewelry from houses him and burgling with bucky have broken into in order to fund his explores, he went to that swingers house and after finding paper work with phone numbers decided it would make good content if he started ringing the numbers until he spoke to a young girl who put her mother on then passed it to the husband and after the call suggesting the child was the product of a swinging party.

The list of reasons these so called big names are big names and why they are actually pieces of shit is too long to put across, im also loaded up with diazapan so can't remember or put across the half of it.

Basically most established YouTubers that make their living out of exploring videos are liars, thieves and vandals but claim everyone else is instead.

So we as a site do not like YouTubers, there has been the odd one here and there that earns some respect but ultimately they all turn the same way, when locations dry up they make their own and fuck anyone that doesn't like it, after all they HAVE to put content up regulary to make their money and if there's nothing new that week they have to come up with something.

If you want to be a tuber you will need to do a lot of selling to earn respect here but its not impossible. I suggest there's no money in it for you if you do it decently and as we dont really like vids anyway it will be an uphill battle to become accepted so easily as someone producing well written reports with decent pictures. When it turns into a job and you turn into a full on gooner you'll get removed.

Only a few of my opinions on the subject, if you find an established member thats all for it ill be surprised, those that support or practice such behaviour don't tend last too long on site before they throw their toys out the pram and get kicked.

A photographer that takes decent pics can produce an atmosphere and many even sell their pictures on these photo sites all while not destroying somewhere and telling everyone how to get in.

In a nut shell they don't give a shit about the places they visit, the people who own them, the explorers who have been in before and especially the explorers wanting to go in after and as they have to get their videos on all social platforms to make their money the general public tar us honest and decent explorers with the same brush ive yet to tell anyone I do urbex without getting a funny look back and it's only due to them seeing some twat break into an old bungalow on facebook previously.
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Ive gotta ask...whats wrong with youtube..?..
Echoing on from what @Ojay has said..

YouTube itself isn't really the ground breaking issue. Its mainly looked down upon here because of the degenerate, attention seeking g00ns who use it as a gateway to publicity.

Unfortunately the majority of new comers to this hobby get sucked into this cycle because of how mainstream this has all become now. It's as blatant as day when these problematic undesirables request that you 'like and subscribe' every thirty seconds throughout each video, that they really have no real interest in the documentation, history or experience of these sites at all. It's all just for self recognition, which is a largely pathetic intention from my perspective.

Here on this forum however, there is none of that. Its purely a place to document your finds and share your experiences.

Of course there are some genuine video producers out there, who are in it for the right reasons. Sadly however it's a rarity to come by people like this nowdays.

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Ive gotta ask...whats wrong with youtube..?..
Theres a pretty decent explanation in the Newbie guide...

Which, I note, you still haven't actually read yet (as of Today 22:44)

E2A: Btw theres nothing sinister going on behind the scenes; at the bottom of each thread is a list of all the users who have viewed it.


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The entire nature of Youtube is to gain follows to a wider and growing audience. This is often done by producing more and more exaggerated nonsense videos that focus on the people, and not about the sites. So many channels are full of annoying click bait with 'EXPLORED Derelict house (NEARLY DIED)' and BS like that.

Having a well shot set of photos with none of the hyperbolic bullshit and really well researched history is so much better than a Video of a bunch of kids pissing around in a rundown house pretending to be some kind of wannabe celebs.

Also the type of people that watch those videos tend to be the same people that go into buildings are trash them.


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Ah... I see what you all mean...no am not a goon.. I dont steal, damage or purposely force entry... and I hate all that ghost crap and randomnautica crap too.. We jus want to explore interesting places and document the in a relaxed way whilst still having fun. I would 100% not want to get caught or get into a heated chase with any form of guard just for likes...thats not what we are about...if we came across that way we fully appologise.. Also with one exception (because it could be just a myth rule number 1 we dont show entery points..

Basically we like exploring and just want a place to store our videos etc and if people like where we go then thats great and possibly allow us to meet other nearby explorers with similar intersts.

We already talked about upgrading our kit but for now we are making do with a S9+..lol.. But everyone has to start somewhere right ..?

I dont want to bring shame on the scene nor get any places blocked up...lose lips sink ships.

Ive just got back from an explore this evening, we got video and pics they may not be the best quality ....but without them the missions would be some what weak..

yeah defo not into making up fictional bs ...we will get better at this, our kit and cameras will improve and the commentary will also be more refined. We arent kids and the lst thing i want to be doing is running away from fictional monsters and very real police....and if we are persued I highly doubt filming would be a priorty...not having a heart attack would be top of the agenda.

I hope that puts at least some of your minds at ease.