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Report - De Heer Egbert Eleazer van Honkerdink's Electrical Engineering Extravaganza - BE '14


Germany is the "wurst"
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Yawn, what, another power plant? Give me a break. Yeah, I didn't think you'd want to see more pictures.

Warning: pure industry porn ahead. :eek:

I don't think I've ever been so muddy in my entire life. But you have to love Belgium - hopping fences in plain view of traffic, laden with photo gear, and then tromping across a massive lake of mud, nobody harassing you. This is the life. I can only imagine what the poor bastards in WW1 must have felt like, schlepping similar amounts of stuff across a similar no-man's land, with similar mud. The difference is, none of us drowned in it. Felt like we came close, though.

Mmh, mud.

The cooling tower is the biggest mind-fuck - with wind howling outside, imagine hundreds of thousands of ceramic slats rattling in a vast concerto of pure noise.


We didn't even take the time to photograph the mad jumble of pipes and things and crap and stuff (I think those are the proper engineering terms) that constituted the majority of the facility, heading straight for the turbine hall. Well, as straight as you can call bumblefucking around dark, sooty hallways when there would have been a much easier way in.





While my two capable associates went in futile search of an intact control room, I had a go at the main hall. What a wonderful, wonderful place. Massive turbines, again, no graffiti, everything intact.

Is anyone else ever just jaw-droppingly flabbergasted at the sheer insane dimensions of these places? Sometimes you just gotta stop and take it all in and think, wow, holy shit, what a thing. If you've ever heard the phrase "as happy as a pig in shit", this is it. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves:









Mental note: I really need to start shooting medium or large format. Getting all these lines straight is just a massive pain in the ass. I'll post my film shots as soon as I get them developed.


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