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Report - Decepticon, Sheffield - March 2012


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Well I somehow managed to not take any photos the first time I went in here with Muttley and AEM so fast forward 6 or so months a revisit was in order. Somehow I'd forgot how long the starting stoop was :banghead

From what I've heard this is an overflow for a storm relief system but luckily there hadn't been any rain (unlike last time when the outfall was mental)

In attendance was myself and a n00b as a couple of others couldnt make it.

Starting off at the Rother it was a quick traverse then down into what feels like endless 4ft stoop


After a while the concrete sections are turned 90 degrees so you can finally stretch the legs and stand up, this doesnt go on for long until it open up a little more

The most downstream CSO was flowing nicely beside us in this section although didn’t smell half as bad as last time


A couple of chambers further up and past a 'messy' CSO we got to the third chamber and despite the metalwork to climb up we couldn’t budge the lid


After this its a long old slippery walk past another few chambers (all with jammed lids) but luckily we had music blasting out to keep us entertained :D



We finally made it to the exit lid next to where we'd previously played on the skateboardZ


Got a cheeky last shot then after getting stung on the moob by an angry drain-bee we GTFO up the ladder!


All in all it was a good mooch but again I've missed the section further upstream so will have to drop back in sometime...


Cheers :thumb


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