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Report - Deepdale / Miley tunnels Preston, October 2013.


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28DL Full Member
As I don't know too much about the history of this location, I have decided to quote Stranton's accurate report here;

"The branch from Preston to Longridge opened 1840, is 6 1/2 miles long.
There are three tunnels (from west to east) Deepdale 160yds,
Miley no1 272yds and no2 383yds.
There's a 100yd cutting with retaining walls between Deepdale and Miley tunnels,
held by concrete or wood braces due to subsidence.
the air shaft between Miley no 1 and no 2 is capped with concrete,
to support the police station.
There's a single track in sight at the left side of the tunnel but very overgrown, closed 1980."

After much work and multiple adjustments and such to satisfy the needs of the administrators of this site, my report was then seemingly deleted without warning or explanation,
So here it is for anybody wanting an update on the tunnels under Preston.

Three of our four strong team before entering;


A concreted exit way or maintenance passage by the looks of it;


A sorry sight as it looks like nearby residents simply throw their rubbish into the tunnel;


The opening gets a bit cleaner further on however;


Myself stood in front of the next section of the tunnel entrance to show you all a bit of the scale of the tunnel;


Back into the tunnel, it gets very dark very fast in here;


Having made it through the longest section of the tunnel we are all a little glad to see some natural light again;


Not the location I would have chosen to take a rest but who's to judge?


A rather overgrown exit left behind us;


And we have been your guides through this lovely tunnel into the bowels of Preston!


Thanks for looking! :thumb