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Report - Deepdene WW2 Southern Railway Control Bunker, Dorking – July 2016


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Explore: Visited with @UrbanZ.

After two hours of clambering through woodland we finally came across this enjoyable little site. I have to say, the suicidal spiral staircase entrance was a joy to get down, and made this one of the most fun of all the bunkers we've visited, well, at least most fun to gain access too. Unfortunately I don't have any images of the damaged stairway section, I was too busy holding on.

Short History:
The Southern Railway Company commandeered the Dorking Deepdene Estate during WW2 in order to control the rail lines, and continually deliver supplies of ammunition/rations should the rail lines be bombed.

The bunker is set into natural caves discovered hundreds of years earlier, which provided and almost instantly inhabitable, naturally protected, nuclear bunker.

The bunker included a Control Room, meeting room, 3-position switchboard, battery room, main distribution frame, bedroom, plant room and toilet facilities. A 60-foot/79 step vertical shaft at the rear of the complex provided ventilation and an emergency exit.

During it's heyday, high priority figures such as Winston Church have been rumored to have visited, and perhaps even stayed for a while....

Map of the bunker.


Dragon Teeth to prevent tanks and other vehicles getting past.

First look down the spiral stairs

The ventilation unit in Plant Room. This is the first room entered after descending the emergency stairs.

One of the passageways

The Switchboard room still containing what's left of the switchboard.

@UrbanZ in one of the passageways.

Electrics in battery room.


Thanks for looking.


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I presume so, asbestos doesn't just dissappear buddy, and it's the reason the place was sealed in the first place. The fire was set in 1997 and there have been many reports of this place since, just exercise caution and common sense. Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated :thumb
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It's a nice bunker. I like all the anti-tank defences in the immediate area as well.