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Report - Delaval hall mausoleum 12/5/2015


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The history.The mausoleum was Built in 1766 in the design of The Temple at Castle Howard in Yorkshire, Lord Delaval had the building erected in honour of his only son, John, who died in 1775 aged 20. Evidently he died of complications arising from having been kicked in a vital organ by a laundry maid who he was giving unwelcomed attention. The mausoleum was not used by the Delaval Family and is now in a ruined state, although in its heyday it must have been a fine building with a leaded glass dome. But it was never used as a mausoleum and was turned into a house circa 1900 however by the 1950s it was derelict.

I only learnt about this place a few months ago , and just had to go down, so armed with Google Maps and my Nikon d3200, i set off on my bike, found it quite easily, I got there (after walking across a field with my bike i could see it all the way up the field, I was getting quite excited, so i made my way through the trees, circled it to try and find the best way in (baring in mind there’s about a 10 foot wall to climb up) but i got up no bother after finding a break in the nettles (which btw, nearly killed my legs, wearing shorts in this business is not advised!), so,this is what I seen as soon as i made it up the wall












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