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Lead or Rumour info - Demolition to begin at Hatfield Heath POW 116 Mill lane?


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Hey, so I finally got round to visiting the place and had a quick recce there and noticed a few diggers sitting about and dumper trucks, including a lot of tracks and piles of rubble. Doesn't seem to be anything torn down yet, although a lot of the thorns have been torn down and cut (good photo opportunity as buildings are more exposed?). Anyways, if you want to visit it, go soon, because it looks like the demo vultures are circling it :p.
I know they've had their eye on it for a while.
Awesome place though, especially the Hillman! I do have a few pics, but light was very low so pics aren't too good, (plus only have a camera phone at the moment). If anyone wants to see, let me know. Hope this was helpful, if not, delete it. :)