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Report - Denbigh Asylum, August 2013


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The North Wales Hospital (locally known as Denbigh Mental) was a hospital for people with psychiatric illnesses located in Denbigh, North Wales..
Designed by architect*Thomas Full James*to originally accommodate between 60 and 200 patients, the building dates back to 1848, and originally had its own farm and gasworks. Planned for closure by*Enoch Powell*from the 1960s, it was closed in sections from 1991 to 2002
On 22 November 2008, during work to renovate the building site and convert it to apartments and residential properties, the building caught fire; it was later confirmed that the main hall of the hospital was destroyed.
Currently on the buildings at risk register, planning permission has currently lapsed, while Denbighshire council are planning urgent repairs and to bill the current owners/developers.

Had another trip to denbigh and had a different approach and view on things.
When we arrived the main gate was open and we thought someone must be there security or otherwise. We waited around 15-20 mins and walked back to the main gate which was now closed and padlocked.
So in we went. Used a different entry point to last time which was much easier. My buddy medipac came this time which was his first visit and he loved it.
Many more trips planned for the near future, just trying to filter out which ones and which are nearest to us.
Still lots of decay and floors collapsing etc but always worth a visit. Explored other buildings this time round to get different pics and views on the asylum.
Won't be posting any history this time round as this was done in my first post. This place seems to have more than enough history on it on here and i like to keep things clean and simple.
Here are some pics, only internal as this is my preference.

















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