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Report - Denbigh Asylum March 2014


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Alright Guys,
I have been here before to look around but Darkness came quite quickly and we didn't get any pictures.
This time round we got a fair few good pictures before getting chased of scene by Elwyn Pierce and his lovely dog...
I'm sure you all know the History of this Asylum but here it is pinched off Wiki anyway for the interested Parties...

The North Wales Hospital (locally known as Denbigh Mental or Denbigh Asylum) is a Grade II listed building. Designed by architect Thomas Full James, building started in 1844 and completed in 1848. Once a hospital for people with psychiatric illnesses, at its maximum capacity it could house 200 patients. It is located in Denbigh, Denbighshire, Wales.
On 22 November 2008, during work to renovate the building site and convert it to apartments and residential properties, the building caught fire; it was later confirmed that the main hall of the hospital was destroyed. Arson was suspected.

Currently on the buildings at risk register, planning permission has currently lapsed. In 2011 the building was at risk of collapsing and no action was taken by the owners after an urgent works notice was issued, Denbighshire Council had no choice but to carry out repairs on the building which has reached £930,000. In 2013, Denbighshire Council voted to press ahead with a compulsory purchase order on the building; the council, however, wish to reach an agreement with the owners before taking legal action. An estimated cost of repairing the building is £1 million.

The Pictures!










Another Lucky escape From Elwyn and his Adorable Alsation...
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If I ever get round to seeing the massive derpfest that is Denbigh Asylum I'd be disappointed if I didn't have a run in with the bearded one...


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Oh it was great fun, I think he is getting more and more violent in his old age... We were told that he wouldn't be there as he has been warned by the police for threatening people... He is only the keyholder for the gate. I wonder what he is hiding which means he has to guard it day and night? :wanker


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Seems like you had lots of fun on the Coal silos anyway :) although it sort of gives your location away somewhat.

Pity you didn"t get the rest of the explore. Try it the other way round next time :)

I think he"ll still be driving around the Asylum even when he"s past away TBH. Just go into the building he does not like Asbestos, so i discovered, or was it the other risks of DEATH :eek:

I"ve still got that Dogs DNA on my boots from last summer :eek:

The Guard Dog

Will only bite a little bit... well a lot
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Love the report and it's good to see Elwyn is ignoring the request of not going near explorers


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Great photos, was wondering at first if youd taken a drone as I couldnt work out the elevation. Kudos for climbing the silo, vertigo here....

to be honest at a distance whats the difference between someone there with good intentions or bad, thefts have been significantly reduced considering there is still a goldmine of metals still onsite, busybody or caretaker, hes not too difficult to ninja around, leave him to scare off the kids, arsonists and thieves with flat backed transits... pc enough?


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Love the report and it's good to see Elwyn is ignoring the request of not going near explorers
Climbing up the outside of the coal silos isn't exactly the smart thing to do. Spent a good few hours in here a while back; didn't see him and he didn't see us.

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