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Report - Dennis Ruabon Tiles - Wrexham - June 2013


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Visited with Pom, Leic_Urban_Xp and Baz

Here is some freeloaded company history: Company History | Dennis Ruabon Welsh Clay Products - Quarry Tiles & Clay Pavers

We were lucky enough to not get caught! There are some dogs about but luckily they were confined so no grief... did see secca but luckily he didn't see us.

Someone has set up a little air rifle range there which is kinda cool... I didn't take pics of it because I got a bit engrossed with other things.

Really loved the massive kiln here and did need to walk down it and hang out there for a bit, all photographs from in there are hand held. To be honest it is just an experiment I like to try out mainly because my tripod is very annoying and can start to just collapse by itself whenever it feels like it. My camera also has a mind of its own, think I managed to fuck up the focus when I bailed from a sledge on an old ski slope, it's not been right since but I still try!

Anyway had a really awesome splore and managed to climb some stuff that I didn't think I would be able to do with only a small freak out all thanks to everyone's positive encouragement... thanks guys, you are all awesome

Think we managed to see most of this place apart from maybe one or two buildings that are really secure. there is a generator running in one of them so think that part must still be live.

There was one room I didn't like though because some of the stuff there stank of weed, think it was former grow extractors. Really hate the smell of it because it just makes me feel all weird but unfortunately I can recognise it a mile off. Had to just walk right on back out of there.

Sorry for the crap pictures.

Many thanks to The Kwan and Ojay for helping me to re-do this post :)







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Go to this bit all the time, there's the offices and halls you can get in but it's hard to explain and I wouldn't spill it to the public. If you PM me ill explain

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