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Report - Denso Marston - Leeds

General Mooch

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I couldn't actually find any history on the place. According to the BBC, the site is to be demolished to build a 200- space car park. " A spokesman confirmed it was in discussions with B&M Homestore, Lidl and Iceland" An article for the BBC stated it had been derelict since the 1990s, But I find that hard to believe as we found records in the shower/wash room that indicated the room had last been used in 2008.

Colonel Mooch and I managed to get in, despite some back-chat from the access point.


Once into the main building, it was clear that the natural damage was almost as great as the human damage.


Wading through a swamp of dead pigeons, nasty-looking stagnant water and shards of glass, Colonel Mooch and I surveyed the main building.


The whole place was rotten, flaking and being reclaimed by nature


The copper fairies had been hard at 'work'


Oddly enough, there was only one set of needles in the entire area and they were in a pile in the corner of a room, in a building detached from the main building complex.

Strangely, there was only one piece of 'graffiti' just a simple tag that read 'LS10 Boys'

Whilst shooting this photo, a cat ran across the middle of the stairs. I bricked my pants


we came across a retro 'challenge' excercise bike, fully working apart from the electrical parts








Comfy looking Cafeteria. In the right hand corner there was a large pile of empty Tango cans




Not long after this photo was taken, we discovered that we were right next to Armley Prison. We didn't hang about when leaving.

A Lidl bit sad this place is being turned into a car park...
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General Mooch

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28DL Full Member
Ha I'm pretty sure this is the place Squirrel, myself, kitty, kook and Solomon got busted in 2010.

Nice to see a little more from inside.

Good stuff!!
It sure is, I found your post on Derelict Places when I got back. No security this time!

General Mooch

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28DL Full Member
It sure is, I found your post on Derelict Places when I got back. No security this time!
Do you have facebook? I've had a look at your Tumblr and it looks awesome. That Seal piece and the eye in what looks like a swimming pool i believe is by an artist called Colorati. I think he/she is from Sheffield. Seen loads of his/her work. I think he/she is into exploring as well, as the pieces always seem to be in untouched urbex locations

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