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Report - DERA - The Return Jan '11


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So a month after my first visit here left me gagging for more, I returned with half of the original unearthers of the site, Flubbera87. If I called the half of the site I did with him in December excellent, the other side was absolutely epic....but more on that later. All I can say is we had an uninterrupted pretty leisurely explore, but see this while it lasts as apparently in four months or so demolition is going to start. I apologise for the quality of some pics but the light in here is pretty bad in places.

Welcome to DERA...



One of the buildings we looked around today was a lot like one on the other half of the site, following a specific pattern at least on the 1st and 2nd floors - office type rooms arranged around the outside of the floors taking advantage of the large amount of windows, and various test rooms, computer rooms, toilets etc on the inside, all windowless with corridors running around the floor in between the two. The first room that caught our eyes contained a soundproof booth.



Another random object left behind, a data cartridge from the 80s


Whiteboard at the top of the stairs, note the word Pyestock and a scribbled map....


One of the corridors, they're all pretty much the same.


DERA signage on the stairs


On the ground floor things began to get more interesting, this conference room was rather cool. There was a projection room behind it with mirrors and stuff, but no projector:(


More random stuff left on noteboards


Then we found a workshop/laboratory type place with this bizarre looking beast inside. The recent bad weather has affected this part of the building, and water is beginning to seep in.


Then, we found a storeroom...





Those full body suits, it would turn out were the suits soldiers being trained in freezing conditions wore inside the extreme cold chambers. We also found a box full of photos from the site in use, which I'll add in a subsequent post.

Random extendable plug socket in a test room


The basement promised much but delivered little, only a couple of boilers and a lot of ripped out insulation. These signs were unnerving though....


That's it for the first building, the bigger, and by far the better building will follow....


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