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Report - Derby Hippodrome - July 2015


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the Derby Hippodrome, opening in 1914, it was here that for the next 45 years the theatre was to produce 1,158 live programmes in two periods from 1914-1930 and 1950 -1959. However in 1956 ITV hit the Midlands like a storm and people could now see regular screening of their idols for the price of a hire purchase agreement.

By 1959 it was all over. The management declared that the theatre was not viable and closed after the Christmas pantomime. Derby was horrified, especially after a fatal accident to an intruder, but the theatre remained idle until bought by Mecca in 1962 and refurbished as a Bingo hall.
Now owned by Walker's Bingo this type of entertainment has lasted longer than any other and it is a tribute to these companies that the fabric of this grade II listed building is.

On November 26th 2011 Crews from six stations were called to the fire at the Hippodrome in Green Lane at about 3:30 GMT. Fifteen people were evacuated from nearby homes.​

Kelly Clarke, one of the residents told to leave her home, said: "When I came out of the house all I could see was the smoke on top of the building and then just bright orange where the tips of the flames could be seen."

The Explore

Originally me and two other exploring companions headed into Derby to check out a abandoned hospital, however much to our disappointment, we found it under heavy construction and almost impossible to explore. disappointed, we drove around Derby in the hope of a different location to explore. Outstandingly it took us only 10 minutes to find the Derby Hippodrome. The climb into the building was a bit... different. Climbing temporarily up onto someone's garden gate and jumping over a wooden fence got us inside. Moments like that make the explore, adrenaline levels shot sky high. Enjoy these pictures, the explore was fantastic. (sorry for them being amateur my pictures are not the best sometimes).

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State of that place, they should just bulldoze everything into the hole it once occupied. A real shame.


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It really was absolutely wrecked, still was a very interesting explore. Also sorry about how this pictures are aligned a little dodgy, still getting used to the website it's my first post


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I used to live very close to this and its a shame its just been left to get worse. The same owner did own a old church further up the road from what I read in the local paper.

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