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Report - Derby Hippodrome Theatre, October 2014


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Today was day to get into Hippodrome I had tried another time but due high fence I need the ladder and as the site is centre town I need a day when the town was quite and still a sleep.But when climbing over fence I droped by tripod and I broke it so sorry for any photos with flash as I had no other option.
Here Is History Of Building
Opening in 1914 the Derby Hippodrome - Music Hall and Palace of Varieties, came late to the people of the town. The architects were Marshall and Tweedy of Newcastle upon Tyne.


Built on the corner of Green Lane and Macklin Street it was on the site of Derby's first private lunatic asylum and close to the slums of Trafalgar Street and Waterloo Street in the Little City area of the town. The more comfortable houses in Compton and Wilson Streets were set to house costumiers and theatre staff as well as offering accommodation to visiting stars.By 1959 it was all over. The management declared that the theatre was not viable and closed after the Christmas pantomime. Derby was horrified, especially after a fatal accident to an intruder, but the theatre remained idle until bought by Mecca in 1962 and refurbished as a Bingo hall.
Bingo is still the only form of "full house" now evident in the building. Now owned by Walker's Bingo this type of entertainment has lasted longer than any other and it is a tribute to these companies that the fabric of this grade II listed building is - however tenuously - still preserved.
Last year the building was hit my fire

One large fence ladder and helmet ready go

Part roof has gone in fire

From top seating area

The stage area


The paint peeling off showing orignal tiles

Back wall main seating area

The main bingo area is underneath the seats of the old thearte

Going up

The office


The view from roof sure there is a song in there



Top tear seats

Orignal seat left root

The Front of the building

For Sale Half Building With No Roof


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Re: Derby Hippodrome Theatre October 2014

Heres a tip. An old pallet or something makes a much more discrete ladder :p


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Re: Derby Hippodrome Theatre October 2014

You made it in then mate :thumb

Didn"t realise it was half missing when you mentioned it :D

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Re: Derby Hippodrome Theatre October 2014

Well it's not got any better in there that's for sure.


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Re: Derby Hippodrome Theatre October 2014

I thought it was demolished after the last fire


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Re: Derby Hippodrome Theatre October 2014

Doesn't look too bad, cheers for sharing :)


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Re: Derby Hippodrome Theatre October 2014

Surprised too, to see this still standing. You could decorate the ladder and cone it off so everyone knows its there.
Good report BTW :thumb


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Re: Derby Hippodrome Theatre October 2014

Once over high fences I took the ladder with me so if I need again get back over the fences from opposite side I could
Would of liked not use ladder but that was safest option get in


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I went here a couple moths ago, wrote a report a couple days ago also! Me and two others used the garden fence to the far left side to climb up.


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Your not really supposed to discuss how you got in somewhere online mate. In this case it probably doesn't matter a fuck but in future keep that sort of info private, you never know who's listening!

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