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Report - Derby Royal Infirmary, Derby - April 2014


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Derby Royal Infirmary


Derbyshire Royal Infirmary (DRI) was established in 1810 on land formerly part of Derby's Castlefield estate on land near what is now Bradshaw Way and the A6 London Road. It was known as the Derbyshire General Infirmary at the time. In 1890 a Typhoid outbreak sweeped through the hospital, and the buildings design was blamed. The hospital is entirely demolished, a year later Queen Victoria laid the foundation stone of what would become Derbyshire Royal Infirmary. The neo-Jacobean building was completed in 1894, and its main features were its 'Onion' shaped domed towers and its central corridor which ran the length of the hospital.

The hospital was expanded at several points in the 20th century, the most visible being the still used Wilderslowe Tower and the now disused A+E building built in 1970. The DRI as a result is an architectural mish-mash with the original hospital at its heart.

Buildings aside, the DRI was a pioneering hospital, the UK's first Flying Squad was set up here in 1955, in 1976 George Cohrane set up the first National Demonstration Centre for Rehabilitation and in 1992 the Pulvertaft Hand Centre was opened by the Queen, her grandson William was sent here seven years later following a rugby injury.

In the late 90s, the NHS Trust's for each hospital in Derby merged, and drew up a dramatic plan to consolidate the services of both hospital's on one site. The so called 'super hospital', soon to be known as the Derby Royal Hospital is one of the largest in the region. There are no official plans to redevelop the now redundant Derbyshire Royal Infirmary, the land is covered by a large regeneration plan which will expand Derby's city centre southwards into what is known as Castleward. The 1987 built part of the hospital shall continue to provide medical care, providing the services of the closed Aston Hall and Grove Hospital's south of Derby.

The Visit

Well, everyone else had been to see this place, so I thought I may as well pop along too, the place is huge and there is much too see, sadly most of it is totally trashed and very very samey, maybe this place was ok right at the start, but by the time I got there, it appeared even the bored locals and metal wombles had even given up on the place as we did not see anyone all day.

As everyone has seen this all before, I will save you from posting loads of shots and will keep it to the bare mininum.

Again, apologies for the late late late posting of this, but I was waiting for a nice long break between reports from this place, plus, it was that uninspiring, I forgot it was sitting on the pc awaiting posting.

[1] - The external of this place is like the rest of it really, pretty uninspiring, but the towers were quite nice

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[14] & [15]

Visited with Explorer62 and a none meber

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Re: Derby Royal Infirmary, Derby, April 2014

Lovely shots zero :thumb


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Re: Derby Royal Infirmary, Derby, April 2014

This place gets a lot of stick for being uninspiring or more trashed than when I was there/old girl looking worse/fetid pit etc etc however it certainly had something attractive to us deRP heads for SO many to visit and do reports.

I really enjoyed my visit here and there was loads of stuff left behind to have a root through. When I first started out with this hobby doing the rounds with ROC's and ROTORS and anything else remotely derelict I'd have been well happy with an UNinspiring uncool hospital like this to visit.

Great pics as always Zero! Thanks!


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Re: Derby Royal Infirmary, Derby, April 2014

Very nicely shot pal :thumb I never did find the 'porn' room as we spent most of the morning avoiding secca. Any sightings ?


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Re: Derby Royal Infirmary, Derby, April 2014

Nice ones mate :thumb

I can say we were possibly the last people to visit here the other week yaaaaaaa :)

And in all honesty i"ve never been to a more fucked place. It bares no resemblance now to anybodies reports i"ve seen on any Forum and yet we still had Secca chasing after us WTF??? obviously concerned over our health :)

I wish i"d never suggested calling in :banghead


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Nice shots fella. Yes, now very gone, but lets face it we've all been to far worse...

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Uninspiring? I think that looks well worth a visit! I guess the definition of "derped", "fucked" etc will differ on the explorer, but it lools pretty interesting to me :)


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Currently demolishing the hospital. Love the job for the fact I get to explore such places at work!! Not much of a photographer or I'd have some amazing opportunities. The view from the tower block of flats is amazing!! Any potential last minute lookers be aware our firm has security on, and there are needles all over. Happy hunting!!