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Report - Derelict Cottage, Bordon, Hampshire - February 10th 2017.


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Located about 1.5 Miles from Tesco in Bordon, this cottage has a bit of mystery as to it's background and history.

I can't find any information in local archives or online, but I believe this property was abandoned in the early 2000s. Maybe someone on this forum has a bit better knowledge?

I was driving through the area today to see a friend. I've always seen this little cottage whilst on my journeys and have never considered going in, until today. So before I dropped off at my friend's place, I parked up "near by"... 10 minutes of walking later, I reach my destination.

It's in bad shape, and many walls and roofs have collapsed during it's abandonment.

As I headed onto the property, the sound of birds seemed to decline. It was eerie, as most places I have visited have been welcomed by birdsong.

This building is opposite a car mechanics, so I had to be weary not to make myself seen. I made my way through the trees and bushes next to it.

Being all "tacti-cool", I entered through what was a garage.

I was welcomed by the decaying shell of what use to look like a lovely property, from the looks of the design it must at least be 1800s?

Outside in what was the garden, laid a few vehicles, I'm guessing these are old stock from the mechanics that were seen as no use, so were left there.

Entering the building via the broken windows of the conservatory, You would think this building is falling down due to the weather or other elements. There was 2/3 of chip board covering what once was a door. The other 3rd had been broken in.

Thankfully, being quite a compact human, I entered through the gap. It would appear as if the occupants had upped and left, or died, leaving the house to no-one, or no-one wanted it? A lot of personal items were left; Christmas cards, furniture, hoovers, books, this list was endless.

Sadly, like any abandoned place, this had been subject to vandalism and attempted arson. Not only was the roof falling in, but the floor had started to fall too.

There was a beautiful painting on the wall which I managed to get a semi decent picture of it, but with no natural light, spare torch or decent Camera I wasn't able to get a clear picture of it.

It would seem the last people to live here were religious and very into family history (They had many papers with timelines, names and dates of people). I should have looked through them to see if I could find anymore information, but sadly I didn't.

Getting to the stair case, you can only see how much this building was collapsing. I walked up 5 or 6 stairs before I realised it wasn't safe to continue. If I had walked onto the upper floor, I'm certain the floor would have collapsed.

I decided I had seen as much as I could, so I headed through a corridor leading to what seemed to be a workshop or dining area.

It must have been a lovely house in it's heyday, but I sadly think it is beyond repair.

I do apologise for the long post and crappy photos, my DSLR has broken and I need to get it fixed!

If anyone wants to take better photos / heading to the area to report on it I am happy to give a better location to you, just pop me a message.


U. D. Bag, Senior Junior.

(Once again, apologies for image quality, I really do need to get my DSLR fixed! :()












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i'm in the area next week if you don't pm ing me more info. did you get anymore pics of outside?


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Are you able to be more specific with the location? Only cos I'm struggling to find this on maps

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