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Report - Derelict Houses (Southport, Nov, 2018)


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Driving back to Liverpool one Sunday afternoon I had a couple of stop-offs.

The first was a boarded-up semi-detached villa-style house on Lulworth Road, built in the 1860s in the slightly Italianate style popular at the time.

No real history on this other than a series of failed planning applications dating back to at least 1990.

Still mostly sound although leaks in the roof are beginning to take their toll. Pictures are ordered from the top floor down.


The second place was a boarded-up row of houses probably built in the 1890s and originally intended to be the start of a larger seaside settlement called Ainsdale-on-Sea.

These have had various uses over the years, with the left-hand portion most recently housing a mail-order company and flats, and before that a nightclub ‘Toad Hall’- I think the whole row is usually called Toad Hall.

I last checked this out about six months ago without success, but this time the right hand half was accessible.

The other half with the former nightclub was still closed, but there was a fire in there a few years ago so I wasn’t too fussed.


The right hand half proved to be just empty, decayed rooms with a lot of pigeons upstairs. Pictures are ordered from the ground floor up.

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burglar alarm and BSB dish on the outside, is the place secured and that alarm still in working order, or is it all abandoned?


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Nice one man we've had that hotel down for a check up for a while but it's such a long walk along the road that goes there we never got round to it. Good to see inside finally


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Oof nice wallpaper!! I'm also a sucker for a fine newal post!

Nice codd, pity it's been necked!
Yeah! I read that Codd bottles used to get necked so kids could take the glass balls and play marbles with them! No X-Boxes back then...

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