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Report - Derelict Jewish school Delamere December 2017


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
I don't know to much about this school due to the fact that i could not find a lot about it on google.
I found out about it due to the fact that i was looking for derelict buildings and managed to find an article about vandals vandalising this place.
My Visit-
overall this was a fun location. it is rather easy to get into the location due to the fact that since the pool that was once part of the school is still in use not all of the location is fenced off and second there was an open gate within the fencing that allowed us to get into the location.
all of the doors to the location were mainly open and i managed to get a lot of snaps before the caretaker caught us thinking that we were vandals.
the caretaker was really nice and told us we could take more photos but would have to leave before the other caretaker saw us because he would ring the police.
however we were told during our visit in the first week of December that the place would be knocked down in 2 weeks for new housing so it is likely now gone

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