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Report - Derelict Train Station & Rail Depot, Bulgaria, December 2012


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Derelict Train Station & Rail Depot, Bulgaria, December 2012

A few days ago, I decided to brave the subzero Bulgarian winter to go and check out a nearby train station - abandoned and out of use for more than two decades now. In the last days of Bulgarian communism many of these state facilities began to crumble, and the railway network was considerably downsized as the nation entered an economic crisis.

It was hard work getting to the train station in so much heavy snow, but once there getting inside was easy - the main foyer featured large glass windows on both sides, and there were several panes which had been smashed, or were missing altogether.

One end of the building featured the remains of a kitchen, and here the decay was most apparent - there was an amazing effect created by the paint peeling away from walls, so thick it almost looked like fur. Patches of moss growing on the ceiling brought in a rich shade of green, while the afternoon sun was at the perfect angle - reflecting across the snow outside, and casting long, dramatic shadows through the interior of the building.

There were three floors to explore here - the ground floor featured a series of glass-walled waiting halls and ticket booths, while a series of steps led down from the kitchen area to a basement level. This was mostly divided up into storerooms... and filled with bottles, crates and the chairs that had been stripped from the waiting room above.

At the opposite end of the building from the kitchen, the staff area of the rail station featured a series of offices and lounges. I reached this area by climbing under a broken glass panel, and it was amazing just how much had been left behind here - books, blueprints, telephones and switchboards, all left gathering dust for two decades.

Heading out onto the station platform, I crossed over the snow-covered tracks. One of the lines ended in a loading bay, with two massive, rail-mounted gantry cranes. Naturally, I couldn't resist climbing up to have a look... The cranes were rusted so bad, that in places my foot went straight through the metal gantry! A moment of panic, but well worth it for the views from the top platform.

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