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Report - Derry/Londonderry - Former Asylum, Hospital and School ( images and video footage)


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On August 9th, I went to Gransha Park in Derry/Londonderry. This is home to a building formerly known as "Londonderry Lunatic Asylum", "Stradreagh Hospital" and most recently, "Oakgrove College" until 2005. In March 2016 a fire was started deliberately to the building, meaning now it is harder to access due to entrances either being boarded up or bricked. However I managed to find a way in.

Inside the building I did not expect much although there was a lot of old school furniture such as computers, desks and whiteboards. The whole building gives a very eerie feel, much of it is in darkness due to the windows being boarded up. There also is an asbestos warning so be careful if you ever go into the building. I couldn't stay in the building for long as after around 25 minutes I started to feel very uneasy and sick in the stomach ( I do not know why ) Here are some images of inside the building:



Besides the main building there are other smaller white buildings surrounding it. They were used for the hospital and many medical records were found outside one particular building.


Overall I thought the building was extremely interesting and had a very eerie feel about it. I would recommend anyone who lives around the area to go here. I have made a YouTube video on this building also -
Hopefully you will enjoy the images and the videos and this will encourage you to explore your local areas!!!