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Report - Detached Bastion, Dover, Kent - Feb '12


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Visited with Weeble. A somewhat rainy day, so we didn’t really worry about external shots, especially as this place has been widely covered before. Not the most inspiring of explores, but good fun to play around with some lighting and practicing with some different effects. I know they’re not to everyone’s tastes here, but I though I’d try and give this place a slightly different perspective from the other reports.

Towards the end of the eighteenth century England was at war with America and her allies, France, Spain and the Netherlands in the American War of Independence. At the time there was a large army amassed on the other side of the channel ready to invade, this forced the building of massive defence works around Dover. These were to supplement the ageing medieval castle; large forts were constructed on the western heights.

The north centre bastion was constructed to provide a defensive line between the two main forts in Dover; the Citadel and the Redoubt. Construction work was begun in 1804 during the Napoleonic wars but the works ceased when peace was declared in 1815 and left unfinished. The bastion was completed when there was a renewed threat of war from continental Europe, this was in 1867. This resulted in two bastions being link together, known as the North Centre Bastion and the Detached Bastion.







Here’s a couple of the Grand Shaft too. Although this is open to tourists on occasional open days, it certainly wasn’t when we popped by, giving us a chance to play around again. The shaft was built as a way to get messages from the front to the barracks as well as troops from the barracks to the front as fast as possible




Luke shepherd

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After seeing your posts and photo's I'm off to the detached bastion with Tyson my 15 year old pet Jack Russell. I scoped out the surroundings briefly yesterday. There's a lot.

What is it in the photo?


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