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Report - Digbeth building site - Birmingham - Nov 2014


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not sure what exactly this site is going to be unfortunatley, if anyone has any info i would like to know what they are planning for it and i will update the title a bit more accurately, its literaly smack bang next door to the cop shop in digbeth. i had no intention of going up at the start of the night as i was meant to be at a gig down the road but the band were crap so i bailed and climbed up here, i got on site and had to creep around the scaffold to get to the main building and then had to sneak past a row of coppers sat at computers on the other side of the road which was pretty fun, was a pretty cool little metal gear solid moment. my intention was to get up the crane on site but it was wrapped up pretty tight and pissing down so didnt fancy scaling wet scaffold on my own without any gear. when i did get on the roof my battry died and it was blowing a gail so only a couple of pics im afraid.




if anyone around brum is planning any high stuff please give me a shout! or any interesting explores thinking about it

thanks for looking-happy exploring


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Indeed, Digbeth Cold Storage.

I noticed it's iron windows have been restored recently, I think it's on for being a bloody good conversion.


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second pic looks quite good, fair play for getting out there and doing it. I am holding out for phase two, the 27 storey new build next door. That should give somewhat better views


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good on ya for gettin up there.....on your own and with no gear.
can just imagin sneakin past the rozzers at their desks.lol.

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