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Report - Digley Reservoir Bellmouth - Nov 2010

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To be honest I can't beat this one, all I'd do would be cut and paste it http://www.huddersfield1.co.uk/huddersfield/tolson/water_supplies/digley_reservoir.htm


I found myself with a few hours to kill and no plans, thought about Fletchers Mill or a couple of other local venues, but decided to head over to Holmfirth and see if there was anything worth an explore. I had the ROC site to fall back on if it all went pear shape.


I drove past the reservoir and thought that it would be rude not to have a look at the bellmouth, especially due to the Ladybower thread!


Generally it went well, a quick look down followed by a wander to see if I could exit it without too much hassle. I tried to work out how much rope I would need, due to being alone and not liking ascending ropes too much I decided to throw 100m down the hole ( thought it was about 50m). I geared up well away from the hole and pre-rigged my rope, harness with SRT kit put on and hidden under a baggy coat.



A short walk had me stood over the hole throwing the bagged rope down the hole, attaching my descender and dropping out of view of the public.


Well I was in and could feel from the weight of the rope it had reached the bottom, so onwards and downwards.




The base of the vertical shaft and steep section of the bend (plus simple rigging) used 48m of dynamic rope (2m of rigging and rope was not loaded when measured).


I continued down the tunnel and at this point it hit home that I was down there alone, knowbody knew I was there, I wasn't 100% sure that I could get out at the end (was sure there wouldn't be a a fence within the tunnel) plus anyone could have pulled my rope back up if they had found it. A quick check of my mobile found as thought no mobile coverage!


I relaxed after passing the bend and could see the light at the end of the tunnel :-)


Well finally the end, it makes a good through trip, had to avoid the water athorities on the way out and dodge the locals to pull my rope back out, all in all it was a good explore and a great way to kill a few hours.​
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