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Report - Dinas Mawddy slate mine, wales, may 12

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some history courtesy of subterrania britannica

In 1845 Dinas mawddy had a water powered mill on the dressing floor alongside an open pit and by 1845 and was the first integrated mill in the region employing 3 saws, 3 planers and slate dressing machines; the water wheel was later replaced by a pelton wheel with steam back up. From the mill there was a steep incline down to the valley below with a further short incline to the Mawddwy Railway.

The quarry eventually closed but was reopened and re-equipped in 1872 and for a short period a workforce of over 100 produced an annual extraction of 100 tons per annum. A new larger mill with 40 machines was built on the valley floor. By 1894 the workforce had been reduced to 20 with 550 tons of slate being produced.

Production continued to decline until the quarry closed in 1925.

I took a short video of this gorgeous mine that shows some of its fantastic features and Walsh acting the fool with some glowsticks....

The mine is not the biggest but has some nice features here is a double passageway that led to an underground lake

The underground lake that was misty (check the video) to see just how misty

A winch that still rotated

Fright night

Walsh about 70 feet up on a ledge...he is the little white dot..he had problems getting back down

We couldnt work out why this had been worked and left like this but it looked cool

A section of crane that had fallen into the lake

Et Moi

A cart in a flooded adit, this mines carts had an unusual guage that was not used in any other mine

thankyou for looking

the video



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