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Report - Dingle Railway Station, Liverpool, May 2010


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Dingle railway station was an underground station located on the Liverpool Overhead Railway (LOR), at the south end of Park Road, Dingle, Liverpool.

It was the only below ground station on the line. Trains accessed the station via a half mile underground tunnel, bored from the cliff face at Herculaneum Dock to Park Road. It is the last remaining part of the Overhead railway, with the surface entrance still standing and the former platform and track area in use as a garage called "Roscoe Engineering".

The extension to Dingle was opened on 21 December 1896.

Dingle was the southern terminus of the railway. The original plans was for the tunnel to extend further inland with a few more stations when funds were available, which would have made Dingle station a through station rather than a terminus. The station was the location of a serious accident in December 1901, when an electrical fire resulted in the death of six people and the temporarily closure of the station for several months. Along with the rest of the Liverpool Overhead Railway, the station closed permanently on 30 December 1956.

The Visit

This was a solo visit today, managed to get the afternoon off work, so decided to get out of the baking sun and head underground. I was looking for one of the owners, Nigel, but he was not in, so spoke to one of the other owners (seemed a tad miserable to me, but there you go), he said "Nigel is not in, not that you would get mutch sense out of him anyway, tunnel is that way, pick up a hat on your way", and that was that, off i went, into nothing but darkness, aside from one small bit of light right at the end.

Spent almost 3 hours just wandering around down there, there was some facinating stuff to be seen.

I have decided to take a different angle on Dingle with my shots, i have seen a lot of reports mainly focusing on the cars (which are a great bit), so i have decided to focus more on some of the other things to be seen.
















I thoroughly recommend a visit to this place to any one local, its a good way to spend a few hours, on the way out one of the mechanics said to me "you have not been down there all that time have you?", that's when i realised how long i had been down there. :)

Full gallery, can be found:Here