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Report - Dining Hall, New Hall Fazakerley (Liverpool, Jan, 2018)


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The Dining Hall of the New Hall estate in Fazakerley was built around 1888 as part of a complex of houses to provide accommodation for children from the West Derby Workhouse. Over the years it has apparently also functioned as a chapel, school and maybe as office space, but searches have not told me much more than this. There is a plaque inside commemorating the re(?)opening of the hall and seven adjacent buildings in 1965.

I found this place while browsing for listed buildings, but there is a 2013 mention of the New Hall estate on here which has some more info, but no pictures. https://www.28dayslater.co.uk/sherwoods-lane-fazackerly-liverpool.t78126. Pictures go from the basement up.

The basement is really a half-height service space with little more than pipes and rot mycelium.

It seems the local council may have had an outpost here at some stage (Cherry and Laburnum are nearby care home type places).

Large empty ground floor with a kitchen at one end.

There were a few folders lying around containing large scale OS maps of various parts of Liverpool (nothing valuable, early 70’s to late 90’s vintage). While waiting for the sun to come up I leafed through these, identifying a few previous explores.

On the first floor we have another large empty room, this time with a stage at one end.

On up to the attic to meet the pigeons.

Then up the clock tower. While the metal ladders going up are sound enough, the floors of all the levels are seriously rotten, as the fuzzy picture of ladders with light coming up from below is supposed to illustrate.

Had a bit of a photographic failure up here, but you can see what it is - a clock mechanism, with electric motors having replaced the rods from the central bevel at some stage. The paddle even still spins. If you go up here don’t even think of walking around on the floor - stay on the very solid cross beams.

Further up we have a bell, with its clapper now down beside the clock mechanism. One look at the joists and I wasn’t going up any further.

Next to the hall there is a derelict example of the surrounding houses (some of which are still being renovated). This one is too far gone to be of much interest but there are a few original things inside.

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Best thing you've posted yet. Owt under the stage? A Liverpool trip is on the cards I think.

I imagine you've looked at the dock pumphouse??
The Langdon one? Yes, I've had my one shot at this - got to within about a yard of the open door before being escorted out (but they were quite decent about it).

About time someone had another go.


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I think that's the pendulum from the clock mechanism- it's not likley the bell would have had an internal clapper unless it could be swung too- clocks usually have a hammer mounted outside

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