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Report - - Disused Goods Pier, Hull (Night shots) | Industrial Sites |

Report - Disused Goods Pier, Hull (Night shots)

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Squirrell 911

28DL Regular User
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Tonight Madmax and I went to get a bit of the sea air into our lungs as he was feeling a little poorly :gay so we went to the old goods pier close to the ferry terminal

Looking back towards the ferry terminal.


Arr!! there be pirates round here.


Use Thelson Marine oils.


A bit of slow shutter work on a passing barge.


Its all crumbling away in to the Humber.


Some more to follow from Madmax.


28DL Full Member
Well, apart from being full of this sickness bug that's going around, I managed to drag myself out for this relatively easy little explore.
It's one of those local places that Squirrell hadn't been to before, so it needed crossing off the list.
We had the bright idea of doing this place in the dark because there haven't been many photo's of it like this posted before.
The downside to this idea was that we were very exposed when using torches and it was quite difficult to see the holes that would connect you directly with a very dirty swim :D
We were slightly rushed because of the weather and the tide, so called it a night and went for a pint.
Anyway here's a few pics

The Old Pier has it's own lawn that could do with mowing

The wooden loading bay side is pretty treacherous

Nice Reflection inside the second Warehouse

The collapsed wooden tracks with Hull's The Deep in the distance

Looking though the warehouse at heavy industry back on dry land

The Jetty to the Pier with Alexandra dock in the background

Sittin in tha dock o the bay, watchin the ships comin in and goin oot again :D