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Lead or Rumour info - Disused Industrial Site, Attercliffe, Sheffield


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28DL Full Member
Having a butchers on google maps, and I also pass the site every day on my way to work. Does anyone know what these sheds were used for? I had a dig around on Sheffield forum and some say they are coal board work sheds from the 70s and others have said its part of a rolling mill.


So here's a free lead if anyone is up for it.

PS: The access looks pretty easy:


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28DL Full Member
About 10 years too late !
Always called these the Tram Sheds although they're more Garage like with imall inspection pits inside. The top Graff' lads have been hitting this place for years Colorquix Phlegm Mars Etc etc
It's well worth a visit to educate people what decent Graff' shoulď look like! ;)