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Report - Disused Railway Line - Gillingham (November 2015)


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I was told about this location by fellow explorer @Maniac, and I've now recently added it to the forum map seeing as no-one had done before, which makes me wonder if any urbexers have actually been here at all.
I literally know nothing about this line, I've only drawn a guess from looking at Google Maps (where it is still shown as active) that it once connected Chatham Docks to the main lines. If anyone knows anything more - when it became inactive, what trains tended to use it etc. - I would be interested to know!

Originally this night, I was meant to be going back to the gasometer in Gillingham with @bedtimeburrito, but he foolishly fell asleep on me and I'm not willing to solo the gasometer due to the numerous hazards.
This railway line came to mind, and I set out at a pretty late time of 1am (I always like to go out as late as possible, I feel more secretive).

There were at least three possible points of entry, the one that I chose requiring climbing slings. However, I didn't scout the line all the way back to the main lines where it branches off, so there are almost definitely more points of entry, if one applies one's creativity.

The two bridges over the two roads near Asda are by far the most interesting places down the line of what I covered, presenting a lot of photographic subjects.

I made my way down away from Asda (where the line comes to an abrupt end) and towards the main lines near Gillingham Station. There was a lot of overgrowth going in this direction, occasionally enough to cause me to veer astray from the track without realising.

The last point of interest I came across before I turned back and headed home was a bridge across the track, which was obviously a hotspot for fly-tipping.
Making my way halfway under the bridge, I suddenly noticed a pitched tent in the dark and assumed a tramp had claimed this spot as his refuge - a "troll under the bridge" so to speak.

Bear in mind that it was the early hours of the morning and I was alone, so I was already quite spooked by foxes, birds and other noises that may have been produced/exacerbated by my imagination. Gillingham is a pretty rough area it has to be said, and I really didn't want to be attacked by a bridge-dwelling hobo.

So I shall return with a fellow urbexer to see what lies beyond the "guarded" bridge and how accessible the main lines are from the branch-off (with extreme caution obviously).

The bridge over the main road, Asda bound


Graffiti - evidence that other youngsters have been present, even if urbexers haven't

Does anyone have any speculations as to who the M.C.D.C. are?

I find bridge architecture absolutely amazing, the amount of bolts shows the strength this train bridge needed

Overgrowth becomes apparent when heading away from Asda
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