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Report - Dock cranes, London, May 2010

kevin arnold

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Visited with Forsaken.

I've been meaning to do this for quite a while now, at least since I saw Snappel's report from 2 years back. The only problem was that this area is at the end of the world as far as I'm concerned. I live on the opposite side of London and could never force myself to travel 2 hours to get here at 3 am, which I thought was the best time to do those cranes. They stand very close to blocks of flats, as you climb them you're meters away from apartment windows so it had to be a late night mission.

Luckily Forsaken has a car :D So after briefly looking at another place and deciding to leave it for later we found ourselves standing at the bottom of those beautiful old cranes and looking for a way up.

Once you climb past windows of neighboring flats it's really relaxed on top. The whole area is very quiet at night.


Initially we wanted to do the crane in the picture below but there was a party in a flat overlooking it. We did one next to it and while we were on top the party had finished. Forsaken suggested I climb the crane we originally planned and he'll stay where he was and take a picture of me. It came out very well, I hope he posts it ;)


You can see Millenium Mills in the distance



Excel Centre on the opposite side of the dock.


Moon over Millenium Dome


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