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Report - Dodge Hill Air Raid Shelter - Jan 2013


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Dodge Hill Air Raid Shelter Stockport​

The Stockport Air Raid Shelters are a system of almost 1 mile of underground air-raid shelters dug under Stockport, six miles south of Manchester, during World War II to protect local inhabitants during air raids.

Four sets of underground air raid shelter tunnels for civilian use were dug into the red sandstone rock below the town centre. Preparation started in September 1938 and the first set of shelters was opened on 28 October 1939. (Stockport was not bombed until 11 October 1940.) Dodge Hill itself was the smallest of the tunnel shelters could accommodate 2,000 people and the largest 3,850 (subsequently expanded to take up to 6,500 people.)

The largest of the Stockport Air Raid Shelters are open to the public as part of the town's museum service.

Attendees: Bibsta(Me), Step-dad, Stopford_lad

MASSIVE THANKS TO STOPFORD_LAD For assisting for my 1st explore, learnt a lot and i would have got lost if it wasn't for him and a great pleasure to meet.​

Sooooo i suppose you would like to see some photos now:

Beds and a blocked off entrance overlooking the motorway:

The bedroom literally:

Oh look a barrel:

Toilet, did get a picture of the toilet block but that wasnt so great:

Corridor with beds both sides:

Now to the way out, Oh wait its blocked anyone know where the exit is????

Hoped you enjoyed my 1st report :)

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