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Report - Dodge Hill Deep Shelter, Stockport Jan 2010


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It had been a couple of years since I last visited this place, It was originally supposed to be a quick recce to see if it is still accessible, I couldn't resist the temptation to take a few photos whilst here, although a return visit is needed.

I have to say I have put on a few pounds since my previous visit and it was a sqeeze to say the least!:(

It had also been raining quite hard and it was also very muddy, I was covered in the stuff before I even got in.

Anyway a bit of history, would be rude not too, even though this place has been reported many times before.....

Dodgehill, one of 3 deep level shelters which form a vast network of abandoned tunnels beneath the streets of Stockport, which is located 6 miles outside South Manchester.


These deep tunnels were used as air-raid shelters during the war and were constructed between 1938 and 1939. They have been cut through and into the red sandstone to which Stockport is built on, just the same as Manchester itself and could house upto 7,000 people during world war two.

In total there are three underground shelters in Stockport:

Chestergate which is situated in the town centre and was the largest accomodating upto 4,500 people.

Brinksway which is situated just outside the town centre and Dodgehill which is the smallest and could accomodate around 2000 people.

Chestergate has been re-opened in recent years as a tourist attraction, the other 2 were sealed after the war.

I will post more photos up when I have once again re-visited this wonderful time capsule....ENJOY!


Original Entrance, now bricked up


Top of stairs - Original Entrance


Bunk Beds


More Bunk Beds




One of many bricked up entrances


The M60 motorway runs alongside this old entrance


Door Handle


One of the many chemical toilets, many not as good condition as this one!

Thanks for looking, definately a return trip soon as more photos required!:thumb


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This place looks very different to the deep shelters i have seen previously, looks very nice matey and the photos are quite well lit, :thumb



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1 of 6 shelters in Stockport you mean. ;)

Has anyone ever been able to find maps/plans for the other 3 shelters?, i know its claimed that they are under the now M60 but do we really know thats the case?, some parts could still exist that we are all unaware of.


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Has anyone ever been able to find maps/plans for the other 3 shelters?, i know its claimed that they are under the now M60 but do we really know thats the case?, some parts could still exist that we are all unaware of.
We spent an afternoon in the local library sifting through newspaper clippings and what limited maps (Dodge Hill, Brinksway & Chestergate)they had a few years back.

The ones buried under the M60 are the Stewart St. Shelter and Rock Hole shelter the other was in Heaton Park itself. No maps for theses though. Just old OS maps with the old street names on.

We checked all along the M60 from the location info we found in the newspapers and OS maps and they were well and truly gone. The Stewart St. shelters where located where Maplins and Pizza Hut are now.

Heaton Park I dont know as nothing indicated to a precise location, so theres a slim chance it may still be there????????????????????????????


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I don't imagine there'd be any plans or maps as such, except maybe in the Council archives - the ones which exist are from a fairly 'recent' survey so they other 3 may have disappeared before then.

It'd be interesting to know if there actually is anything left though, but I doubt it. I imagine that everything would be backfilled or capped when the ring road was built.


this looks cool been done many times but i feel a visit is in order


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Dodge Hill - A few more...

Just a few more recent photos whilst down there with Gone & Rookie,
should be posting theres up any time :popcorn :popcorn

Top Of bricked up Entrance​


Looking down, with Different Lighting​


Old Lantern​



More Bunks​


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