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Report - Dodge Hill Deep shelter, Stockport, October 2010


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History (Borrowed from ojay)

Dodgehill, one of 3 deep level shelters which form a vast network of abandoned tunnels beneath the streets of Stockport, which is located 6 miles outside South Manchester.

These deep tunnels were used as air-raid shelters during the war and were constructed between 1938 and 1939. They have been cut through and into the red sandstone to which Stockport is built on, just the same as Manchester itself and could house upto 7,000 people during world war two.

In total there are 3 underground shelters in Stockport:

Chestergate which is situated in the town centre and was the largest accomodating upto 4,500 people.

Brinksway which is situated just outside the town centre and Dodgehill which is the smallest and could accomodate around 2000 people.

Chestergate has been re-opened in recent years as a tourist attraction, the other 2 were sealed after the war.

The Visit

After we had finished at our last explore we decided to head off to Dodge Hill, one of Shadow_Play's favourite places, for many reasons.

It's not the most epic place, but its still worth seeing if you are in the area, a few features left around the place.

Had a good hour down here and even had a go at light painting, Shadow_Play will probably add the results to this post later as they were taken on his camera.

Visited with Shadow_Play & ChaosKid2107

The Photos