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Report - Dodge Hill Shelter, Stockport - June '11


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Building work commenced on Stockport's deep shelters in 1938 as war loomed large over the world. Opened in late 1939 after the out break of war, but still in the phoney war, three shelters where built; Chestergate, Brinksway and Dodge Hill.


Dodge Hill is the smallest of the three shelters, accommodating 2000 people. Carved out of sandstone using pneumatic drills. Consisteing on multiple blocks, each block has multiple entrances, decontamination areas, beds and toilets - some of which are still in place. In the early 1990s, Chestergate Shelters were re-opened to the public as a place of historical interest. I wish someone would do this with Tranmere or Bidston shelters.

I don't generally do nice guided tours, so after harassing Only2Eyes (Cheers mate!) I found my access and was in!

WARNING: This is my first ever shoot in zero light and I need a more powerful torch. Previously I've had ambient light to work with, but only for two shots out of this lot. I've included one of the first shot that I took as a reference point to how I believe I've improved.


One of the first pictures

I'm not sure if the concrete is original, or part of strengthening work the council has previously done on the former train tunnel below the shelter

There appears to be two types of bunk in the shelter; the first and most numerous, theses silver ones seem to have survived better than the rusty iron looking ones

Unlike Brinkway shelter, Dodge Hill is not mains connected hence the chemical lavs

One of the sealed entrances, you can hear voices on the other side

The other, iron bunks

I can't tell whether it's corroded or just received a kicking

There are a few relics dotted about along with general shite and rubbish


You needed to be on good terms with the neighbours in this shelter


Looking around you can see evidence of the electric lighting system

A big tanks to Zero81 for helping me out, and Only2Eyes for all his advice and putting uo with me being a PITA :thumb



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Following my visit to EC Pigments in late June with ex0, we visited Dodge Hill. This gave me some time to play with my (then) new LED Lenser P7 We literally had about half an hour to get these and get back to the train station. Each photo was about 59 seconds worth of exposure, add in the noise reduction which doubles the time for each shot. Hence only 10 photos where taken and these are a couple of the usable ones



More on my website, HERE


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