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Question - Does any one know where Eastbourne telephone exchange is?


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TEC doesn't normally refer to an exchange but to a storage yard sometimes there are garage facilities, stores and minimal offices. Many were sold off as fleet numbers and ways of working changed. So it might not be the exchange you are looking for. Rule of thumb was always look for the big ugly building

Taliesin Bourne

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I don't know if it's called that, I just can't find enough information on the building!
Here is a little blog I found on it.


so if anyone knows where it is, or could give me information on find it it, that would be very nice and appreciated.

I went to the place in question relatively recently. The way in is pretty hard and I'm not the best climber so I sent a friend in with my GoPro and he could not find a way in apart from one room the seemed not to have any way in. However, there is a video on YouTube of the place (titles 'abandoned offices' ore something like that). Normally I wouldn't post a location but I believe future is not very bright for the exchange.
Hope you take some good photos and post them.

Tony Smith

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Hi, I carried out heating and electrical maintenance on this building from 1997. It's called Eastbourne TEC ( telephone engineering center) the ground and first floor was abbey storage (tenant). By used top floor as offices. Original boiler room was on ground floor but was already redundant when I took over in 97. New boiler was on second floor. This site did get broken into towards the end and there wasn't a lot in there to steal. I will answer your questions if I can. Tony

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