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Report - Dollis Hill House 08/03/07



Have had our eye on this for a few days now. The other half wanted something gentle to break her UE virginity.

Place looked quite nice back in the day.

Over ten years since it was damaged by two arson attacks, Dollis Hill House remains a frustrating eyesore in one of Brent’s landmark sites. This historic building, occupying a prime position overlooking the borough and towards the new Wembley Stadium, has to be restored. Such a goal is still very popular with the local community. The house is an integral part of Gladstone Park, which originally formed the estate of the house. We believe the local community wish to see this house retained as a facility for the whole community.

We in the Dollis Hill House Trust has actively progressed proposals for the future of the house over recent years. These plans are based on a mix of commercial exploitation of the house’s prime and dramatic location, balanced with a positive vision of the house’s future as a cohesive focus for the growing and increasingly diverse population of the surrounding area. Dollis Hill House Trust has put considerable care into developing and refining a business plan that mixes commercial and community use. This business plan has been examined and approved by independent experts, but cannot be finalised until we have confirmed business partners in place. At that point, we believe that the plan will provide a robust basis for the future of the house both in terms of commercial viability and the wishes of the local community. The principal elements of this plan are; A café/restaurant. Offering a range of high quality refreshments and a place for the community to meet, to relax, to plan, to learn and to engage with the activities of the house.

Weddings and other large functions. Market research contained in the business plan, including discussions with the Brent Registrar, have shown a significant gap in the local market for such facilities in the area.










Lady in the Lake...

Obviously someone had got there before us, the point of entry had changed slightly and there were some notable names in the mirror.

Didn't manage to get on the roof as the OH sustained a flesh wound, maybe one for another day.
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